Tuesday, July 27, 2010

knock knock!

who's there?


turtle who?

no, really...

this guy (or gal, i'm not into sexing turtles so i have no idea how to tell) was trying to get into my house the other day.  some friends were leaving after a playdate, they opened the door and there he was, strong arming his way into my house. 


as soon as the door opened, he wedged himself between the door and the thing on the floor that keeps drafts out.

he wanted in.  bad.

and ya know why?  

cause it's effing hot out there

after i put him outside, he felt the white hot heat of the sun on my sidewalk and made his way to cooler grounds.

and then he burrowed under one of my plants, where he remained for several hours.

he finally left sometime after 4:30 in the afternoon.  i like to think he went pool hopping around the neighborhood and had himself some big fun. 

just not my pool.  cause ew.

oh and guess what?

turtle butt!

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