Tuesday, September 21, 2010

quilt #2 complete!

when i have time, i've been working on putting together a memory quilt of sorts over the past few weeks.  i've taken a bunch of my husband's grandmother's clothing and cut it all up to make quilts out of for all of her great-grandchildren (my 3 kids + my niece) as well as one for my husband.

i initially hoped to have all 5 of them completed by the end of summer (if i had a mob name it'd be Lofty Valdez) - but i'm hand tying the quilts, not hand quilting them, so i figured no problem!

yeah well, i didn't count on life getting in the way.  and it always does.  whatever.

anywho, since i'm using white fabric (thank you, Ikea sheets) in addition to her clothing, i'm able to do a different colorway for each quilt.  my teen daughter got the pink version...lots of different shades of pink (which, incidentally, is also the first one finished, so she also got lots of mistakes).

this is the overall design of the quilt, though you can't really see the border or the binding in this photo.  i used a Kaffe Fassett pattern from his Simple Shapes, Spectacular Quilts book as inspiration.

here's a closer look at the very center of the quilt with the only not-entirely-made-of-pink fabrics (except for the binding)

i chose a soft green with white polka dots for the binding and a white,
pink and green floral sheet for the backing

and here's a close up of the tie work - i just used white embroidery thread - easy peasy!

i realize that the sheets are going to probably eliminate these quilts from the "quilts of historical significance" list that someone somewhere is maintaining, but i was aiming more for comfort and durability than i was for heirloom quality. i want my family using these quilts, and often.

now i'm working on piecing together my son's blue version.  i'm hoping to have it done by the end of this week.


all things junior league

i can't believe i forgot to mention this before now - at the first Junior League general membership meeting of the year, i was nominated to be Active of the Month!

i didn't win, but it really is just an honor to be nominated :)  not bad for my first quarter as an active member!

also, i've just finished co-writing an article with my friend and features editor, julia, about league members making a difference through other non-profit organizations.  we were both lucky enough to get to interview some rather outstanding chicks and, i have to tell you, i think i've been bitten by the "you don't have enough on your plate so why don't you start your own non-profit" bug.

now i realize that it's not as easy as saying "hey, i'm doing this" and it's done, but i'm definitely interested in researching the whats and hows of building an organization of my own.

and lastly, for all of you locals who like to shop (or know someone who likes to shop), the 7th annual Holiday Gift Market is coming to the Florida State Fairgrounds Nov. 5th-7th.  here's a link for more info 

tickets are $5 each, but i'll have plenty to give away pretty soon so if you'd like some, post a comment or send me a note!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

GAH! the terrible twos have hit




Friday, September 10, 2010

i'm published!

i'm in my first active year of membership in the Junior League of Tampa and i'm really enjoying it so far.  my placement this year (where i've been assigned to work) is on the JLT's quarterly publication, The Sandspur.

so since everything everyone does in the league is done on a volunteer basis, i obviously didn't get paid for the article and that's totally fine - because honestly, i'm just really happy that something i've written has actually been published - and in a glossy magazine at that!

the JLT recently released its final installment in a four book culinary collection (a Junior League first!) and my article highlights the history of all of the JLT's cookbooks, including the 4 books that make up the collection.

show me some love, check it out, PAGE 44:  my article!!

i'm in the process of finishing up an article for the winter issue about the new Glazer Children's Museum opening here in Tampa this month.  exciting stuff!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

a welcome change

with summer finally ending and the kids being back in school, we're finally falling into a regular routine again. 

and it's pure bliss.

i promise to get myself back into the routine of blogging soon - have some (very good) things in the works and haven't had much time for it lately.

be back soon with plenty of Emily Post-isms, Junior League stories and miscellaneous stuff.