Friday, September 10, 2010

i'm published!

i'm in my first active year of membership in the Junior League of Tampa and i'm really enjoying it so far.  my placement this year (where i've been assigned to work) is on the JLT's quarterly publication, The Sandspur.

so since everything everyone does in the league is done on a volunteer basis, i obviously didn't get paid for the article and that's totally fine - because honestly, i'm just really happy that something i've written has actually been published - and in a glossy magazine at that!

the JLT recently released its final installment in a four book culinary collection (a Junior League first!) and my article highlights the history of all of the JLT's cookbooks, including the 4 books that make up the collection.

show me some love, check it out, PAGE 44:  my article!!

i'm in the process of finishing up an article for the winter issue about the new Glazer Children's Museum opening here in Tampa this month.  exciting stuff!!!


Kelly said...

Congratulations! When I was an active in the Junior League of Long Beach, one of my placements was editor of the monthly magazine, "High Tidings." It was a great learning experience.

Allison said...

Fab job!!!!!!! I really enjoyed reading the article! Remember you can still use these things for a portfolio if you want. Cheers to you!
starry kisses