Tuesday, September 21, 2010

quilt #2 complete!

when i have time, i've been working on putting together a memory quilt of sorts over the past few weeks.  i've taken a bunch of my husband's grandmother's clothing and cut it all up to make quilts out of for all of her great-grandchildren (my 3 kids + my niece) as well as one for my husband.

i initially hoped to have all 5 of them completed by the end of summer (if i had a mob name it'd be Lofty Valdez) - but i'm hand tying the quilts, not hand quilting them, so i figured no problem!

yeah well, i didn't count on life getting in the way.  and it always does.  whatever.

anywho, since i'm using white fabric (thank you, Ikea sheets) in addition to her clothing, i'm able to do a different colorway for each quilt.  my teen daughter got the pink version...lots of different shades of pink (which, incidentally, is also the first one finished, so she also got lots of mistakes).

this is the overall design of the quilt, though you can't really see the border or the binding in this photo.  i used a Kaffe Fassett pattern from his Simple Shapes, Spectacular Quilts book as inspiration.

here's a closer look at the very center of the quilt with the only not-entirely-made-of-pink fabrics (except for the binding)

i chose a soft green with white polka dots for the binding and a white,
pink and green floral sheet for the backing

and here's a close up of the tie work - i just used white embroidery thread - easy peasy!

i realize that the sheets are going to probably eliminate these quilts from the "quilts of historical significance" list that someone somewhere is maintaining, but i was aiming more for comfort and durability than i was for heirloom quality. i want my family using these quilts, and often.

now i'm working on piecing together my son's blue version.  i'm hoping to have it done by the end of this week.



A Girl said...

Love the way your quilt came out! It has such a shappy chic feel to it.

Mary said...

Very sweet, so fresh looking!