Sunday, October 3, 2010

on the subject of habits

in my thirty something years on this planet, i've come to hate them.  habits, that is. 

as a child, i developed a people-pleasing habit.  as soon as i can figure out a way to do so without upsetting anyone, i'll be kicking this habit.

as a teen, i developed a sleep habit - one that requires me getting copious amounts of shut eye even now, obligations be damned!

in my early twenties, i developed a nasty nicotine habit which, thankfully, i was able to kick with the help of Commit lozenges - though now i'm addicted to breath mints.    (it's true.  i can't drive anywhere without a tin of eclipse mints.)

and now, in my thirties, i've developed the habit of giving in to my toddler's habits.  i'm actually doing it right now, as i type this.  i'm sitting in the glider in her room, passing the time playing online until she falls asleep.  she says she's scared and i believe her, even though i know there's nothing to be scared of.  and sure, i'd much rather be watching Swamp People on the history channel right now, but i know that, before too long, she's not going to need or want me to help her fall asleep at night.  so i take advantage of opportunities like these pretty frequently (though sometimes Swamp People does win out)

so what habits have you developed over the years?  any you'd like to kick to the curb?  any you'd like to develop?

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