Wednesday, August 11, 2010

rah rah sisk boom bah

football season is officially here

i've never been a big sports fan.  especially when it comes to televised sports.  i can get excited about mary lou retton's perfect 10 vault or nancy kerrigan's "suck it, tonya!" comeback performance, but brett favre's retiring - wait, no he's not - hold on, yes he is?  i couldn't care less.

but that's not what this is about. 

this is about real, live, up close and personal high school football

in the South.  where your children choose their colleges based first on football team loyalty and second (albeit a close second) on academic offerings.

and high school is the last step before college - the time when college recruiters share the sidelines with cheerleaders, when local newspapers and news stations give high school football equal time with professional football.

in short, it's a big frickin' deal.

and my son is playing his very first year of varsity football. 

he's played for more than a few years now - 2 years of youth football and 2 years of JV - but it didn't count.  all of that was just preparation for this. 

the big time.

i'm scared and excited for him all at once.  and the people in the stands are going to be privvy to my fear and excitement for the next four months.

because i get loud

and now?  the JV parents get to enjoy my own special brand of cheering because my daughter is now officially a new member of the JV cheer squad.

i think i should invest in a good stadium seat.  and throat lozenges.

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