Sunday, August 1, 2010

welcome to the jungle

i was cleaning out my guest room/play room/home office this afternoon when i came across a little something that looked like this:

um, holy shit balls (thank you, bethenny frankel, for that, btw)

in case you're unfamiliar with this particular brand of evil, that, my friend, is a brown recluse spider.

and it was about as large as that photo up there.  which means it might be something different because everything i've found on the net says that brown recluses don't get much bigger than a quarter.  

the one i saw was, with legs extended, as large as my hand, fingers stretched out.

but that shudder is exactly shudder what it looked like.

so if you know anything (or know someone who knows anything) about spiders, tell me what the hell that thing is - please!

in the meantime, i've called our exterminator and since it's the weekend, i had to leave a message; but i expect (read: hope) that they'll be out here tomorrow morning, first thing, to do away with all things eight legged.

and in other news...

peek a boo!
this guy was hangin' out on my husband's smoker this afternoon.  he's an eastern lubber grasshopper and measured somewhere around 4 inches in length.

given my earlier run in with Evil McSpider, there's no way in hell i would've gotten anywhere near this thing, but there was a window separating us so i felt safe(r).

i thought he was kind of cool (to look at, not befriend or anything).

but i have to ask - WTF is up with all these flippin' animals around here lately?  i half expect Marlin Perkins to arrive at any moment.

and oh god, i hate to even think it, let alone say it outloud but what's next?

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muzikandmemories said...

That could be a wood or hobo spider. We have a lot of those up here in Indiana. They mimic the recluse. The only way to tell the difference is to look at their back. The recluse has a violin shape on it's back, and I mean the thorax, not the abdomen section. So, right by it's head. I don't know about you, but I am not looking that close at a spider. I just assume they are all poisonous and stay away from them all!