Friday, October 15, 2010

blast from the past (or something like that...)

remember her?

when we grew up, she became this girl:

and then this girl:

and now, thanks to the magic of CGI,

she looks nothing like the original.


megan said...

I was Strawberry Shortcake for Halloween last year! And yes, I was 25...... :)

Cindy V. said...

hmm, 25...then you were probably the 3rd version. am i right? or was it the 2nd?

Keisha's Giveaways and Things said...

i am 35 and my favorite childhood cartoon was strawberry shortcake . oh my i loved her i was 5 years was odd running into your site because just the other day i was talking to my 5 yr old and 4 yr old about strawberry shortcake and we watched an original episode off of youtube.. Now they have the series at mcdonalds so she has changed and i def would prefer the old one vs this one they have now. i say to my girls STRAWBERRRY SHORTCAKE and they reply WOULDNT YOU love it thanks for the throw back post..