Thursday, October 14, 2010

confessions of a (new) origins junkie

a relatively new friend of mine invited me along for a free mini-facial at our local origins shop this morning and i'm oh-so-glad she did (though my husband's probably going to wish she hadn't when he sees the credit card bill)!

it's been more than a year, at least, since i've actually paid any real attention to my skin.  i've just been washing my face in the shower each morning with some oil of olay daily cleanser and slapping on some oil of olay daily moisturizer with sunscreen.  and that's it.

my mini-facial at origins this morning was like a revelation, seriously.  and i soooo hope that a month from now i'm not breaking out like crazy, because here's what's in my new skin care arsenal:

Modern Friction exfoliant (she used this on my hand and it still, hours later, feels like a baby's bottom)
VitaZing moisturizer (this is my favorite so far - it's tinted and totally gives me this perfect all-over glow that really does make me look just so well rested)
GinZing eye cream (works like the vitazing but formulated for your delicate eye tissue)
the Brighter by Nature series for lightening up those dark spots and evening out skin tone

pricey?  definitely.  worth it?  we'll see!  my friend has gorgeous skin and has been using these products for quite a while so i have plenty of confidence in them.  if it makes getting older even a little more palatable, then it's worth it to me!

do you any of you have any experience with origins products?  if you're not an origins user, what is your favorite skincare line?

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