Tuesday, October 19, 2010

the boob tube

i've been watching far too much tv these days.  seriously, it's an illness.  it developed when santa left me a small black & white tv to keep in my bedroom when i was a kid. 

i spent many hours in front of that little tv, learning about male/female relationships from jack, janet and chrissy/cindy/terri; wishing i could go to boarding school with jo, blair, tootie and natalie; and wondering why the professor could make a transistor radio with nothing more than a coconut and twigs but he couldn't fix the ss minnow.

my teen years brought with them a bigger (color) tv and the cosbys, the golden girls, 90210 and my favorite generation of SNL skits.

as an adult, i have considerably less time to spend watching tv (at least tv that isn't animated, anyway), but i DVR like crazy, hoping to get enough time to watch those few shows that my husband can't stand and that i wouldn't dream of watching in front of my two year old.

on my To Watch list right now?
Real Housewives of (Atlanta, Beverly Hills, DC, NYC, NJ and Orange County - i love them all)
Teen Mom
16 and Pregnant

shows my husband actually likes (and you will, too):
Raising Hope ("crappy chicklet" nearly killed me dead)
Mike & Molly
Big Bang Theory
Blue Bloods
The Mentalist

it's probably a good thing i don't have more time during the day to watch tv or i'd never leave the couch.  and there's no way at this time in my life that i would ever dream of putting a tv in my bedroom - i'd never get any sleep!  at least while i'm watching tv with my family in the evenings i can do some hand quilting and get something accomplished (i mean other than numbing my brain).

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