Monday, October 18, 2010

it's just a hop to the right

it's nice to know that, at least in some alternate (albeit parallel) universe, i'm still virginal

stretch marks and children be damned, i am pure.  and these guys and gals are just dying to pop my proverbial cherry.

and pop it they will when a group of my friends and i descend upon the local sticky-floored, god i hope that's beer i'm stepping in independent theater for what will by my very first live viewing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

i am WICKED excited about the whole thing, really.  it's the ultimate let-your-hair-down, get a little crazy girls' night out.  it's an experience.

and if time warping gets me a night like that, then i'm so in.

because damnit, janet!  every mom needs to cut loose now and again!

1 comment:

qandlequeen said...

WOOT! I've been devirginized since high school and it was one of my most favorite experiences ever. Have fun, lather, rinse, repeat!