Monday, October 11, 2010

in favor of one's right to bear arms

Peanut and I took a little walk around our small neighborhood this afternoon to enjoy all of the halloween decorations our neighbors love to put up each year.

there were ghosts and goblins hanging from trees, pumpkins stacked by doors and windows, cobwebs everywhere, and lots of faux tombstones with funny sayings on them.

all pretty standard stuff, nothing too creepy or scary.

but then we came upon an empty house.  the owner has been renting it out periodically for a while now and when it's empty, it shows, particularly with the lack of lawn maintenance.

today there was a car in the driveway and what appeared to be the scariest halloween decoration i've ever seen:

*Note: this is not a photo of the actual animal spotted today; this photo came from here. i don't normally carry my camera on walks around the neighborhood; i think that just changed, though.

i stood there for a moment, staring at this completely still...thing, trying to figure out whether or not it was real. 

it wasn't moving.  at all.  it was in a crouching position, appeared to have something in its grip, didn't move a hair.

i saw a couple of guys standing in a driveway a couple of house down, so i grabbed Peanut's hand and we made our way over to them.

i said, "hey, do you guys know who takes care of this house over here?"

one of them said, "yeah, i do, what's up?"

"i know this is going to sound ridiculous but i don't know if this is a halloween decoration or if it's real, but there's a 'possum in front of the door."

"it's there?!?  it was sick the other day, i thought it might have died." clearly it's real....ummm....suddenly i have no idea what to do....

i'd love to tell you how this story ends but i really have no idea because i've been holed up in the safety of my house as soon as the words "oh yeah, it's still alive" came out of the man's mouth.

i do think, however, that this, in addition to the these posts, is mounting evidence in favor of a move northward.  they don't have 'possums in new england, do they?

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Mel ~ said...

Hahahahaha, they can be VERY scary with their horrible looking teeth, despite their nocturnal nature and the fact that we rarely if ever see them! When I was leaving for work one day (at 5:30am) with my then tiny baby in a car seat, I encountered one face to face in the dark. A scream to wake the dead was ripped from my throat that early morning hour as I feared for the safety of my baby (as well as myself). I laugh now, but I was terrified then!