Tuesday, October 12, 2010

a quilting dilemma

i found a quilt i'd like to make in Kaffe Fassett's Simple Shapes, Spectacular Quilts - the Not-So-Lone Star quilt (below) - but i've got a few concerns...

my first concern is that some of the fabrics have been discontinued and those that are available i can buy online but only in 1/2 or 1 yard (or larger) increments (i only need as little as 1/8 of a yard of some fabrics - and at $7-$9.50 per yard, with 21 fabrics making up this quilt, i'd like to save as much as possible wherever i can).  i'd love to make this in fabrics of my own choosing but i'm seriously lacking the confidence to do so.  i know i just need to sack up and do it but i don't want to end up with something that resembles vomit.

my second concern involves how to hand quilt this one.  my first quilt was easy - the backing fabric gave me the perfect pattern to quilt.  i could follow whatever patterns present themselves on the quilt top fabrics, but what about those little areas where there is no distinguishable pattern?  then i thought i could just stitch one giant lone star (the kind that starts small and gets bigger and bigger as you stitch outward), or maybe do a bunch of small/medium sized stars all over, but i'm not in love with that idea.  how would you do it?

and my last concern is that this quilt is all about diamonds and i've never pieced anything that wasn't square.  are diamonds just as easy as squares or is there some trick of the trade i need to know before i starting piecing?

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