Thursday, October 7, 2010

reason #842 why getting older sucks

chin hairs.

and why is there never a pair of tweezers to be found when you need one?  and no, i don't want to go get the pair i keep in the car.  it's a long walk out there and besides, i'll just forget to take them back out to the car tomorrow and guess what?  the next time i'm sitting at a red light and i find yet another flippin' chin hair, i won't have anything to pluck it with and i'll try plucking it with my fingernails, which we all know only curls the stupid hair, so it'll still be there but then harder to find when i can get home and look for it in the mirror.


TheShoppingGirl said...

Oh no! Chin hairs are the worst. They just pop up one day out of the blue, yet they're long! I don't enough know how that's possible.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. So thankful for SITS because I found yours. I'm going to follow now!

Joanna said...

My husband is great at finding and trying to pull them in public. Now that's a great way to make yourself memorable...