Friday, November 5, 2010

for all of you warm weather fans

maybe you're not as in love with cold weather as i am.

maybe you'd rather do your thanksgiving meal planning in shorts.

maybe you'd like to find a way to bring a little summer back into your life.     already.

maybe i think you're a little crazy, but hey...we all have our crosses to bear.

well here's your bit o' summer:  Florida Orange Cookies from the EveryDay Feasts cookbook compiled by the Junior League of Tampa. 

no, they won't raise the temperature outside but, if you stand real close to your oven while these are baking, you can totally pretend.  so stop whining about how cold it is outside and bake yourself a little taste of summer.

i've made them and they rock.  trust me, i'm not chubby because i like fruit. 

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