Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a finished quilt and new fabric

i finished my son's patchwork hand-tied quilt a while ago, i just never got around to taking photos of it and, since it was laying on the sofa this morning i thought, what better time than now?

kinda hard to see, i know - cell phone pics - but it's various shades of blue mixed with white squares (this was done in the same pattern as my daughter's quilt); the backing is and blue, white and dark green striped sheet and the binding is a dark green with lighter green flecks - it really brings out the bits of green in some of the squares on the front as well as the striping on the back.  this quilt is already getting used lots :)

these are three of the fabrics that i chose from the fat quarter shop to use as the backing for some holiday pillows for my family room...

and these are the three fabrics i chose for the fronts of the pillows...

and i chose these to cut up and send in for an I Spy swap over at the fabric stash club.

as soon as i get the pillows finished (i'm hoping to get started on them today, but i need to get some trims first), i'll post photos.

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A Girl said...

Great job on your quilt, I love the backing, excellent choice of fabric, very manly.